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Sep 6, 2012 5:00pm EDT
with what president obama has done. >> if michelle obama did not move the needle or bill clinton came up short, the president will have to be the difference maker. >> i have said consistently, you have it within six swing states, but virginia and ohio are the key ones. >> va., and as this -- they want results. they want things that work, not just rhetoric and good speeches, they're going to see what happens to make their life better for me and my family. >> and other obama aide says it they believe they when virginia, they think they will win it all. the pressure is felt on both sides with the gop trying to react to that philosophy. met romney was there last week and ann romney will be in leesburg tomorrow. obama is opening up to more campaign offices. it's a big night and we will have to wait and see whether or not the president can deliver on all of those expectations. >> we look forward to your reporting this evening. >> that romney remains in vermont practicing for the upcoming debates with his sparring partner rob portman of ohio. meanwhile, romney left campaigning duties
Sep 5, 2012 5:00pm EDT
-- newspeople and vendors were talking about michelle obama. >> the likability gap which was substantial before she spoke probably doubled. she was such a likable force and she did such a good job explaining how her husband is still the same guy he always was and a great family man. >> scheeler audience and rocked the house and it was clever. she never said the word romney but she took it to him. >> how did you like the speech? >> that it was for her heart. she remains to average americans and working families. she understands their problems. i thought it was exactly what i wanted to hear and what americans want to hear. >> senator ben cardin of maryland. bill clinton tonight. >> we have talked about the relationship between the former president and the current one. it was described as a bit i see. that is to say the least. it has changed for the better of the party. these men may not be sharing the stage on the same night but they are sharing the spotlight. the president is primed for his big night but not just yet. there is another headliner in town whose speech might still a bit of the presi
Sep 13, 2012 5:00pm EDT
for the weekend. >> a good deal. let's move on to our vote 2012 coverage and battleground virginia. michelle obama began her day in richmond where she offered her families ofto the n libya. cans killed i she then headed to fredericksburg where she is now crowd at the large university of mary washington. we'll have more on the first lady's stop coming up at 6:00. meanwhile, the man who is trying over mrs. obama's has was and fairfax today. our senior political reporter was there. let's go to the newsroom with more on how he was received. it was a pretty good response. after a day of talking about the libya and some say day on the trail, to hisomney went back wheelhouse, jobs and the economy. a northern virginia welcome. thank you. think these numerous stops would at some but hittingrkill, long lines today form a romney is a challenge -- sure there are more like this one. a lot of my friends are obama supporters for sure. the under 30of romney is down less. a lot of the younger generation thinks more literally. d of poll hewhat kin it but if you think about going torices we're for the president's po
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3